The Goldilocks Project

Welcome to the Goldilocks Project, in which we look for as many ways of telling the Goldilocks story as possible. Many of these variations are totally unreadable, and most likely uninteresting. The others, though, are…well…some could be described as interesting.

I came up with this project after reading 99 Ways to Tell a Story, by Matt Madden, and Exercises in Style, by Raymond Queneau. They stopped at 99, however. We will go on to infinity and beyond.

If you want to add to the collection, send your variation to The Goldilocks Collection. If it fits, we’ll add it. Remember, though, this is a children’s book site. We can imagine (though we’d rather not) many approaches to Goldilocks that we would not add.

Thanks to the Goldilocks staff–David Hulet, Diana Harter, and Brittany McBride

So far we have 131 versions and counting…


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