g0ld!l0©K$ 4ñd tH3 tHr33 b34r$

Told in Haxor

0ñ©3 up0ñ 4 t!m3 tH3r3 w3r3 tHr33 b34r$.

@ p4p4 b34r, 4 m4m4 b34r, 4ñd 4 l!ttl3 b4b¥ b34r.

tH3¥ 4ll l!v3d !ñ 4 $m4ll H0u$3 !ñ tH3 f0r3$t.

0ñ3 m0rñ!ñg m4m4 b34r pr3p4r3d br34Kf4$t.  @ñd tH3 tHr33 b34r$ $4t d0wñ t0 tH3!r b0wl$ 0f p0rr!dg3.

but tH3 p0rr!dg3 w4$ t00 H0t!  $0 tH3 tHr33 b34r$ d3©!d3d t0 g0 f0r 4 w4lK wH!l3 tH3 p0rr!dg3 ©00l3d.

$00ñ 4ft3r tH3¥ l3ft, 4l0ñg ©4m3 4 l!ttl3 g!rl.  $H3 Kñ0©K3d 0ñ tH3 d00r.  ñ0 0ñ3 4ñ$w3r3d.  $0 $H3 w3ñt !ñ.  H3r ñ4m3 w4$ g0ld!l0©K$.

g0ld!l0©K$ f0uñd H3r$3lf !ñ tH3 K!t©H3ñ.  0ñ tH3 t4bl3 $H3 $4w tHr33 b0wl$ 0f p0rr!dg3.

g0ld!l0©K$ w4$ Huñgr¥!  $0 $H3 $4t d0wñ t0 34t.  $H3 t4$t3d tH3 b!g b0wl 0f p0rr!dg3.  but !t w4$ t00 H0t.

ñ3xt $H3 t4$t3d tH3 m3d!um$!z3d b0wl 0f p0rr!dg3.  but !t w4$ t00 ©0ld.

tH3ñ $H3 t4$t3d tH3 l!ttl3 b4b¥ b0wl 0f p0rr!dg3.  !t w4$ ju$t r!gHt.

@ñd $H3 4t3 !t 4ll up.

g0ld!l0©K$ w4$ t!r3d.  $H3 $4w tHr33 ©H4!r$.  $H3 $4t !ñ tH3 b!g ©H4!r.  but !t w4$ t00 H4rd.

$H3 $4t !ñ tH3 m3d!um$!z3d ©H4!r.  but !t w4$ t00 $0ft.

tH3ñ $H3 $4t !ñ tH3 l!ttl3 b4b¥ ©H4!r. !t w4$ ju$t r!gHt.

@ñd tH3ñ ©R@$H!  tH3 ©H4!r br0K3 4ñd g0ld!l0©K$ f3ll t0 tH3 fl00r.

g0ld!l0©K$ w4$ $l33p¥.  $H3 w3ñt up$t4!r$.  tH3r3 $H3 f0uñd tHr33 b3d$.  $H3 l4¥ d0wñ !ñ tH3 b!g b3d.  but !t w4$ t00 H4rd.

$H3 l4¥ d0wñ !ñ tH3 m3d!um$!z3d b3d.  but !t w4$ t00 $0ft.

tH3ñ $H3 l4¥ d0wñ 0ñ tH3 l!ttl3 b4b¥ b3d.  !t w4$ ju$t r!gHt.

@ñd g0ld!l0©K$ w4$ $00ñ f4$t 4$l33p.

@ñd wH!l3 $H3 $l3pt tH3 tHr33 b34r$ ©4m3 H0m3.

p4p4 b34r l00K3d 4t tH3 K!t©H3ñ t4bl3 4ñd $4!d, “$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ 34t!ñg m¥ p0rr!dg3!”

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ 34t!ñg m¥ p0rr!dg3!”  $4!d m4m4 b34r.

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ 34t!ñg m¥ p0rr!dg3!”  $4!d l!ttl3 b4b¥ b34r.  “@ñd tH3¥ 4t3 !t 4ll up!”

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $!tt!ñg !ñ m¥ ©H4!r!”  $4!d p4p4 b34r.

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $!tt!ñg !ñ m¥ ©H4!r!”  $4!d m4m4 b34r.

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $!tt!ñg !ñ m¥ ©H4!r!”  $4!d l!ttl3 b4b¥ b34r.  “@ñd tH3¥ br0K3 !t t0 b!t$!”

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $l33p!ñg !ñ m¥ b3d!”  $4!d p4p4 b34r.

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $l33p!ñg !ñ m¥ b3d!”  $4!d m4m4 b34r.

“$0m30ñ3’$ b33ñ $l33p!ñg !ñ m¥ b3d!”  $4!d l!ttl3 b4b¥ b34r.  “@ñd $H3’$ $t!ll H3r3!”

@ñd w!tH tH4t, g0ld!l0©K$ w0K3 up, $4w tH3 tHr33 b34r$, $©r34m3d, 4ñd jump3d 0ut tH3 w!ñd0w

@ñd r4ñ 4w4¥.  @ñd tH3 tHr33 b34r$ ñ3v3r $4w H3r 4g4!ñ.

About rockcanyon

Rick Walton has worked as a cook in a Mexican restaurant, a secretary, a missionary, an arts administrator, a school teacher, and a computer software writer and designer. But now he has the best job of all–writing for children. He is the author of over eighty books for children. His works include joke books, picture books, a collection of poetry, activity books, a play, mini-mysteries, and educational software. He loves to read, travel, play the guitar, study foreign languages, and write. Rick graduated from Brigham Young University in Spanish, with a Portuguese minor. His wife, Ann, is a computer programmer who has worked for IBM, Novell, and WordPerfect, and who nows works for Rick. They have five children. They live in a hodge-podge house on a secluded lot with a thousand trees, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. View all posts by rockcanyon

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